Extensive Features Offered By BeWithUs

Robust & Scalable Cloud-Based SaaS Hotel Management Solution

Improve Hotel Guest Experience With Hotel Management Solution

The hotel management solution is a completely cloud-based SaaS product developed catering to the requirements of hoteliers and hotel operators. It is a comprehensive solution which is reliable and secure for managing hotel operations such as feedback, guest history, travel agents, and others. The cloud-based property management solution offers effective features dedicated to providing flexible bookings, bulk inventory management, group management, reports, analytics, guest check-in & check-out, smart rate management, inventory management, and payment transaction management. Right from offering excellent guest services to promoting seamless hotel operations, the hotel PMS solution has expertise in streamlining multiple processes.


Full-Featured PMS To Match Desktop

Hotel operations can be challenging and it is the main objective of our company to offer advanced PMS solutions to hotel operators that is a SaaS product. Beginning from hotel booking, room bookings at affordable prices to offer splendid service to hotel guests during their stay is the primary motto of Bewithus. The hotel management system is designed in a way offering all-inclusive tools that will streamline hotel operations from reducing manual errors to automating processes, and saving time by automatically updating inventory across several distribution channels. It helps you to offer an exceptional hotel guest experience making it hassle-free and smooth.

Complete Management of Multiform Operations

The SaaS product developed for hotel management is easy to use and comprises tools for managing distinct operations. Having intuitive tools helps to manage distinct hotel business processes and also the workforce. This will ensure that the overall functioning of the hotel system remains productive. The user-friendly PMS involves customized features for complete property management and inventories. It is convenient and easy to use making up a perfect model for managing your hotel operations. As a SaaS product, it keeps track of every department underlying the hotel processes and measures scalability in terms of it.


Round The Clock Hotel Domain Expert Assistance

Acquire round-the-clock hotel domain expert assistance to solve all-around queries relating to the hotel booking system. A complete team of hotel domain professionals are present to clear your queries ad to resolve any glitches. Focussed on delivering better guest experiences, BeWithUs helps hotel operators and hoteliers to run operations smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, it assists in managing sales in real-time. The tools can be easily configured as per the requirements of your hotel and create your own brand story in an innovative way.

Additional Features of Cloud Solution

Zero Investment

No such investment is required and therefore there is no involvement of risks.

Inventory Management

Complete inventory management solution offered for managing bulk inventories.

175+ Interfaces

Having an assortment of 175+ interfaces for connecting with distinct third-party hardware & software.

Flexible Bookings

The flexible bookings help in boosting the hotel occupancies and significantly increase the overall ROI.

Mobile POS

With the mobile POS, it becomes easier for the user to work smoothly. POS functions well with cellular networks, satellite and dial-ups.

Channel Manager

Having an integrated channel manager, it becomes easier to respond to distinct market changes rapidly.