Frequently asked questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

  • What is a cloud-based hotel software solution?
    A hotel cloud-based solution can be defined as an IT-enabled infrastructure that enables hotel operators and hoteliers to access technology-enabled solutions in the cloud system. It streamlines hotel operations and provides lower costs of ownership in addition to the lower learning curve, quicker training, varied infrastructure, and increased ROI. A hotel management system offers ample opportunity to automate hotel operations within minutes.  
  • Do you offer the security of hotel guests’ data?
    Bewithus offers a robust and secure PMS hotel management solution that follows PCI-compliance safety measures to offer overall security to the operations. The integrated user-management security offers complete access to the hosted server as well as a password policy. This, in turn, backups the data in real-time and offers complete security to the database.
  • Do you provide reports in hotel Cloud Solution?
    Our cloud solution offers extensive reports after monitoring and tracking regular operations including customized reports, and standard hospitality reports and stores them in real-time.   
  • What are the benefits of the PMS hotel management system?
    By opting for a PMS hotel management system, hoteliers can easily manage their hotel operations and aid in business growth. The PMS solution is completely secure with proper login credentials.